Top 8 Audacity Tutorial Videos on YouTube

YouTube Video

1. Play & Watch YouTube
  1. 1.1 Play YouTube Videos Offline
  2. 1.2 Watching YouTube Videos
  3. 1.3 YouTube Won't Play
2. Record YouTube
  1. 2.1 Record YouTube on Mac
  2. 2.2 Youtube Video Recorder
3. Convert YouTube
  1. 3.1 Convert YouTube to iPhone
  2. 3.2 YouTube Converter
  3. 3.3 YouTube to AVI Online
4. Tips & Tricks
  1. 4.1 YouTube Plugin in Chrome
  2. 4.2 YouTube Troubleshooting
  3. 4.3 YouTube Using in Samsung
  4. 4.4 Grab YouTube Vide
  5. 4.5 YouTube Videos No Sound
  6. 4.6 Extract YouTube videos
  7. 4.7 YouTube Hacks and Tricks
  8. 4.8 YouTube Hotkeys
  9. 4.9 Share and Embed YouTube Videos
  10. 4.10 Copy YouTube Playlist from One Account to Another
  11. 4.11 Export YouTube Playlist
  12. 4.12 Find My Playlist on YouTube
  13. 4.13 Make a Playlist on YouTube
  14. 4.14 Play YouTube Playlist with no Ads
  15. 4.15 Make YouTube Videos Repeat
  16. 4.16 Share YouTube Playlist
  17. 4.17 IDM Not Working on YouTube
  18. 4.18 Upload Video to YouTube from iMovie
  19. 4.19 Is it Illegal to Download YouTube Videos
5. YouTube Playlist
  1. 5.1 YouTube Playlist for Christmas
  2. 5.2 YouTube Playlist Tips
6. Youtube Resource
  1. 6.1 YouTube Channel
  2. 6.2 Video SitesLike YouTube
  3. 6.3 Funniest YouTube Videos
  4. 6.4 Most Liked and Disliked YouTube Videos
7. Tutorials on YouTube
  1. 7.1 YouTube to Learn Excel
  2. 7.2 Insert YouTube into PowerPoint
  3. 7.3 Tutorial Videos
  4. 7.4 Photoshop Tutorials
  5. 7.5 Microsoft Word Tutorials
  6. 7.6 Access Tutorials
  7. 7.7 PowerPoint Tutorials
  8. 7.8 Effects Tutorials
  9. 7.9 Illustrator Tutorials
  10. 7.10 Makeup Tutorials from YouTube
  11. 7.11 Movie Maker Tutorials
  12. 7.12 InDesign Tutorials
  13. 7.13 make ringtones from YouTube
  14. 7.14 PPT to YouTube Video
  15. 7.15 YouTube on Roku
  16. 7.16 Upload YouTube Videos
  17. 7.17 Download 3D Clips from YouTube
  18. 7.18 Download 3D Clips from YouTube

Know who created Audacity - one of the most popular audio recording and editing software? Dominic Mazzoni created it while he was a graduate student. Thanks to him, we have a powerful audio software for totally free, and it works in Windows, Mac, Linux. This article will introduce Audacity using videos from YouTube, helping you explore more features of Audacity.

Audacity Tutorials Tips:

1. It's easy to download Audacity tutorial off YouTube to watch on your machines. Have a look at iTube Studio

2. Only download Audacity tutorial for personal use. You are not allowed to distribute it in any way.

3. Go to for more Audacity tutorials.

Part 1. The Best YouTube Downloader to Get Audacity Tutorial Videos - iTube Studio

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How to download Audacity tutorials on YouTube

Step 1 First, go to Youtube and find the desired Audacity tutorial video. Then copy the Audacity tutorial videos link.

download audacity tutorial videos - copy link

Step 2 One click to download the Audacity tutorial video by click "+ Paste URL" and the video will be downloaded automatically.

Tips for watching YouTube-repeat youtube videos-download iTube Studio

Part 2. Top 8 Audacity Tutorial Videos on YouTube

1 Audacity tutorials for Beginners

Audacity has a simple and intuitive interface to start recording and editing. And more features could be accessed by the top menus. See 2 Audacity introduction tutorials first and start recording audio by following the third video tutorial.

2 Audacity tutorials for Beginners

3 Use Audacity to Record from Any Site That Contains Audio

Audacity is free but the MP3 support is not included by default due to the software patent. You need to download and install the LAME codec to support MP3 export. If you want to download Audacity tutorial to computer for later watching, or onto your portable devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc., I humbly recommend iTube Studio. What's more, iTube Studio can download MP3 directly.

4 Combine Audio Tracks in Audacity

These video tutorials helps you explore more features of Audacity. These features are useful to edit photos in the future.

5 Separating Multiple Tracks in Audacity

6 How To Remove the Vocals From A Song or MP3

7 Get Professional Sounding Mix with Audacity

8 Creating Cool Sound Effects with Audacity

iTube Studio
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