YouTube MP3 App: YouTube to MP3 Converter App for Android, iPhone, Windows/Mac

More and more people would like to play and watch YouTube video and music on devices like iPhone (X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6s), Android, Mac, Windows PC and other platforms. If you are one of them and need to stream YouTube to MP3 format, you can complete the progress with YouTube to MP3 converter App for Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac. Here we share top 10 free YouTube to MP3 converter Android apps, YouTube to MP3 iPhone Apps, etc. for you to download YouTube videos to MP3 directly and quickly from the Internet.

Part 1. YouTube to MP3 Converter App for Windows and Mac

1. iTube Studio YouTube MP3 Downloader App

iTube Studio YouTube to MP3 Video Downloader for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows) is an easy-to-use yet powerful YouTube to MP3 converter app for Mac/Windows. This YouTube MP3 downloader and converter app provides you with a "Download MP3" button and lets you a quick way to capture YouTube videos to MP3 for Android and iPhone (including iPhone X/iPhone 8) in one click. With it, you can download YouTube videos in high quality and download all videos in a YouTube playlist to MP3 in 1 click.

iTube Studio - Best YouTube MP3 Downloader App for Mac and Windows

Why Choose This YouTube to MP3 Converter App:

  • Download any YouTube videos in one click with Extension or URL, including YouTube 4K UHD and YouTube VEVO for free.
  • Directly download YouTube to MP3 or other audio formats, or batch download YouTube Playlist to MP3 at 3X faster speed.
  • Apart from YouTube, download videos to MP3 songs from 10,000 more online sites like Netflix, Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, Spotify, etc.
  • Convert downloaded video or audio to 153 formats and directly to any devices.
  • Easily record videos from any online video sites when direct download for videos is not available.
  • Transfer downloaded or recorded video/audio files to mobile devices with USB cable easily.

Download YouTube to MP3 for Android and iPhone in 2 Easy Ways

1. Download YouTube to MP3 in one click

Launch the YouTube to MP3 converter app for Mac/Windows. And then simply copy the YouTube video URL you would like to download and click the "Download MP3" button in the main interface. Your video will be downloaded automatically.

youtube to mp3 android

2. Download and convert YouTube to MP3 for Android and iPhone through browser Extension

When you install the downloader, a "Download" button will be available on every YouTube video window when you load it on your browser. You can simply click the button and select "MP3" option to download the YouTube video. Click here to get more info about YouTube to MP3 download.

youtube to mp3 app

Optional: Transfer downloaded YouTube MP3 songs to iPhone or Android

After the videos are downloaded, you will see the "Add to Transfer List" icon beside the downloaded video in the "Downloaded" tab. Just click the icon to send the video file to "Transfer" tab, and then switch to the Transfer tab on the left side of this YouTube to MP3 downloader. Go to click "Transfer" icon on the video right hand, and you will get your YouTube video saved in MP3 format for iPhone and Android devices.

youtube to mp3 app android

2. DVDVideoSoft Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is another best video converter from DVDVideoSoft. It can convert the music you love from YouTube to MP3 at quality up to 320 kbps. This free YouTube to MP3 converter app can also download batch videos from a YouTube platlist or channel. It is easy and completely free of charge.

How to Use Free YouTube to MP3 Converter:

  • First copy the YouTube video URL for the video you want.
  • And then click the "Paste" button at the bottom of the main interface. The YouTube to MP3 download will start.

youtube to mp3 converter app

Part 2. YouTube to MP3 Android App

1. WonTube YouTube to MP3 Android Converter

The most popular free YouTube MP3 converter app for Android in this regard is surely WonTube downloader for Android. This particular application is quite useful for those persons that don’t want to use a desktop application in order to grab their favorite videos from the Internet, convert then copy them to their phone. The YouTube to MP3 converter for Android is much faster and makes the whole experience of browsing and downloading from YouTube a lot more relaxing and unique to say the least. This application brings a hassle free experience, in which you don’t need to think about buffering or other problems. You don’t have to be afraid that your favorite video is deleted from YouTube.

How to Use WonTube YouTube to MP3 Android:

  • First of all you need to download the YouTube to MP3 app Android from the website and copy it to your tablet. Wait for the application to install, then open it.
  • Go to YouTube to find the video or audio you like. And press the Download button located in the upper right side of the screen to download it.
  • Wait for the movie to download and you can access it in the Library tab upon completion.

youtube to mp3 app android

2. Android YouTube MP3 Downloader

Another great tool when it comes to download YouTube to MP3 on Android for free is the Android YouTube Downloader. This YouTube to MP3 converter for Android now only allows you to browse YouTube at your own leisure, but it also makes it a lot easier for you to download these videos at any given time. As an added extra, the app also brings the ability to convert the videos you download to MP3 format.

How to Use Android YouTube Downloader

  • The latest YouTube to MP3 converter APK file is available on SourceForge, so you need to grab it from there. After that, copy it to your Android device and install.
  • Once the installation is complete and you open the program, the Settings panel will appear in which you can customize the download folder, interface language, but also customize video file behavior and notifications.
  • After finishing the setup, you can press the Dashboard button in the settings menu where you can search and find the desired videos. Downloading these videos only requires you to press the Download button. You can then browse the downloaded videos in the Downloads folder.

youtube to mp3 android

3. Tubemate YouTube MP3 Converter App for Android

Tubemate, a free YouTube to MP3 converter app for Android can also be used for downloading videos from YouTube and converting them to the desired format. What’s great about Tubemate is surely the fact that it provides complete support for various resolutions, including HD ones. In addition, it provides background downloading, the ability to resume a download as well as sharing your video via multiple social networks.

How to Use Tubemate YouTube to MP3 Converter:

  • Installation is just like any other Android application. You download the APK, copy it to the tablet/phone and press the Install button.
  • Press the magnifying glass in the upper right to initiate a search, then start the video you want to process.
  • Click on the video and you will receive various download options such as download size and output resolution. After the download is completed, you can access the video at any given time without a problem.

android youtube to mp3

4. Droid YouTube MP3 Downloader

The Droid Youtube Downloader provides basically the same thing like the free YouTube MP3 converter for Android listed above. The new feature brought to the table is surely the ability to download videos from Dailymotion as well. Of course, all the videos can be saved as high quality, but also as MP3, saving you from the hassle of finding an YouTube to MP3 converter app for Android.

How to Use Droid YouTube Downloader Android:

  • You need to create an opera account and download the app. Once the application is downloaded and installed on your Android device, you will be able to search for the desired videos in the Find videos tab.
  • Results are shown in a separate tab and you can choose to download any of the results simply by pressing the Download button.

youtube mp3 android app

5. Tube to MP3 for Android

Tube to MP3 (Android) is a good example of a simple Android YouTube to MP3 converter application that does what you need and nothing more. Tube to MP3 is great if you want to extract only the soundtrack from YouTube videos.

How to Use Tube to MP3 Downloader for Android:

  • Install it on your tablet or mobile phone.
  • Search for a Youtube video and click the Download as MP3 button.
  • The downloaded files will be accessible in the Downloads tab.

youtube mp3 android

6. Zeem YouTube MP3 App for Android

Zeem is one of the most simple free YouTube to MP3 apps for Android you can find on Google Play. It was specifically created to fulfill your YouTube to MP3 downloading needs and nothing more than that. Using it is very simple. You need to paste the YouTube link into the application the press the Get MP3 button and the whole process is complete. It doesn’t come with any complex functions or anything like that, it’s focused on converting YouTube videos to MP3 and it does that very quickly.

How to Use Zeem YouTube to MP3 Android:

  • Install Zeem from Google play, then open it.
  • Enter the Youtube link and press the Get MP3 button.
  • The newly downloaded file will be available in your tablet/phone at the selected download location.

youtube mp3 downloader app

Part 3. YouTube to MP3 Converter App for iPhone

1. MyMP3 YouTube MP3 Converter

MyMP3 is the highly recommended YouTube to MP3 converter for iPhone (iPhone X and iPhone 8 included). It can convert any videos including YouTube to MP3 format. And you can share the MP3 to Email, instant message apps and social media.

download youtube mp3 android

2. File Converter Free

File Converter Free is a YouTube to MP3 converter app for iPhone and other iOS devices, which can convert almost all files such as document, audio, and videos. Besides MP3 format, it supports audio output like AAC, M4A, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, OGG, OPUS, WMA, etc.

youtube mp3 app

Actually when use iPhone and Android YouTube to MP3 converter and downloader apps, people always encounter not working problems due to ads, bugs for apk apps, slow reaction speed, no updates, etc. It would be a better experience to download YouTube videos or music easily and quickly in Mac or Windows PC and then transfer to any of your mobile devices. If you are a great fan of YouTube, why not try this amazing free video downloader on your Mac or PC?

iTube Studio
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