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How to Convert Videos to Editing Software on Mac

There might be times you need to edit the downloaded videos with Apple editing software like iMovie, iDVD, and Final Cut Pro. If so, follow the below steps:

1.Select the video you want to convert

First add the videos you need to convert from the “Download” and "Record" tab to the "Convert" tab. Or you can simply drag and drop your local videos to the "Convert" tab.

select the video

2.Choose the output format

Now click on the “Convert” button to open the window to choose the output format. Here click on the “Apple Software” tab and select iMovie, iDVD, or Final Cut Pro.

convert video to editing software

3.Start the conversion

Lastly, click on the “OK” button to start the conversion. After that, you can import the video to iMovie, iDVD, or Final Cut Pro for editing.

start converting videos
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